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China Jianglang Technology  Co. Ltd. certification
China Jianglang Technology  Co. Ltd. certification
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  • Production Line

    Jianglang Technology Co., Ltd has 2 manufacturing plants with advanced, high-efficienct, strong capability of design, innovation and precision production.

    Our diaphragm pump manufacturing plants operate a variety of mechanical processing categories, through various forms of processing, they can meet different production requirements with priority given to in-depth manufacture of machine finishing, utilizing automation and learn production capabilities.

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    We‘ll work with you in order to design and integrate "diaphragm pump" that are unique to your operation. with our state-of-the-art, the technology of casting, processing, analysis and testing equipments using in our facility are second to none.

    Main Facility Equipment List





    Model QTY
    1 CNC machining HM50TS 4
    2 Sleeve machining TS 2
    3 CNC lathe CAK6150Bj 6
    4 CNC lathe CAK5080Nj 6
    5 Drilling and milling CNC T-600, T-500  
    6 Lathe CD6140A  
    7 CNC lathe CW6100C 6
    8 CNC lathe SK520 6
    9 Drilling Machine Z3032X10X1 5
    10 Pressure Test Machine KT-20A 2
    11 Pressure Test Machine YFS-B 1
    12 Pressure Test Machine YFS-H 1
    13 Horizontal Injection Molding Machine GS558HS, GS328HS 4
    14 Horizontal shaft short table surface grinder M7130A 3
    15 Air Compressor KT-20A 2
    16 Ball Grinding Machine   1
    17 Bench Drill JLDM20V 1
    18 Gear Drilling and Milling Machine ZX7045 1
    19 Milling Machine 6HA 3
    20 Grinding Machine KGS-618H 3
    21 CNC Machining Center CNC850 2
    22 Radial Drilling Machine Z30 2
    23 General Lathe to CNC C6150 3


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    The Latest Technology In Design Innovation

    To accomplish your goals, our design department utilizes the latest 3D CAD (computer-aided design)technology and equipment, We can work independently or combine strengths with you to achieve realistic solution for your diaphragm pump needs.


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    Service & Repair
    Our team specializes in fluid process equipment repair and offers a 1-year warranty on our work, we'll deliver the highest quality repairs, rebuilds, and preventative maintenance services. 

    You'll get factory-trained courses and recommended guideline, to improve longevity and durability for your pump


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    With over 20 years of experience, Jianglang Technology Co., Ltd is more than a high-quality pump system supplier and pump service provider, enlisting in our expertise also gives you access to specialised knowledge, technicial support, and project execution.

    Besides, OEM customized designs is also available.


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    The pumps and valves have been exported to more than 70 countries, including European countries, South American countries, North American countries, Southeast Asia countries, Australia, ect.


    We mainly provides services and solutions for coating industry, chemical industry, environmental protection industry, nuclear power industry, petroleum industry and water treatment industry.

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  • R&D


    Innovation is one of the main focus and strength of Jianglang, since its creation innovation contributes to the development of our company.

    Our integrated R&D department daily works on improving and developing our technologies and knowhow.


    We have a specialist team working at our Research & Development Center Systems, setting the standard in quality research, new pumps innovation for over 20 years.


    The technicians have more than 20 years experience, they have solved customers' fluid process challenges, in addition to extensive mechanical design engineering experience in diaphragm pump and control valve industries, they allowing us better understanding of our customer's requirements.

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    Jianglang Technology Research & Development Center creates a platform for professional design and innovation. Based on the integrated working process of "research- development- design- technology- experiment", the Center develops, researches, and tests new diaphragm pumps and valves to satisfy requirements of quality, environment and occupational health &safety systems.

    Jianglang has first-class design platform, use 3-dimensional software for production structure analysis.


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    Attaching great importane to protecion of intellectual property rights, at present the Research & Development Center has applied for more than 40 patents. including 5 invention patents for our diaphragm pump.

    Our teams participated in setting norms and standard for technical specification for Pneumatic Diaphragm Pumps in Petrochemical Industry (SH/T 3191-2017)


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